TKactions v8 for Photoshop


TKactions v8 for Photoshop

TKactions v8 for Photoshop Download Latest . It is of TKactions v8 for Photoshop Free Download.

TKactions v8 for Photoshop Overview

The TK8 plugin is the latest release of my comprehensive panel for making luminosity masks and running Photoshop. Like its predecessors, it’s modular, so users can configure it in whatever manner works best in their workspace. The plugin is used worldwide and comes pre-programmed with six common languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Chinese. Users can choose the language they prefer. TK8 works equally well on Windows and Mac computers, including computers running Apple silicon processors, like the Mac M1. Installation is easy. Photoshop 2021 or higher is required to run it.

The main feature of the TK8 is its ability to make pixel-based masks, like luminosity masks. But luminosity masks are just the beginning. TK8 also makes masks based on color channels, hue, color, saturation, vibrance, and the user’s own alpha channels. Edge masks are latest addition to the kinds of masks easily generated with TK8. The video below shows where to find the newest features. A more complete list can be found below the video.


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