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TrakTrain Dead End WAV-FLARE (premium)

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TrakTrain Dead End WAV-FLARE
TrakTrain Dead End WAV-FLARE  Free Download Latest . It is of  TrakTrain Dead End WAV-FLARE   free download.

TrakTrain Dead End WAV-FLARE Overview

Traktrain has released the “Dead End” guitar loop kit made by an affiliated producer. The author recorded the samples in a studio and processed by different effects. So the 100 total files include both dry and wet versions. Above all, the creator intended the contents of this kit to be used in genres like Chill Hip-Hop, Trap, and Phonk. However, a seasoned producer can easily fit them into Emo Rap or any Hip-Hop type beat.

Most of the included loops are very lyrical in nature. The wide-spanning melodies envelop the listener, inviting the mood of meditation and introspection. On the other hand, there are also some upbeat and energetic samples filled with bold and elated riffs and melodies. What is more, the use of different effects helps back it up: soft delays and granular reverbs emphasize the hypnosis of the sorrowful loops, overdrive and distortion bring out the punch in the cheerful ones. So if you found yourself in a creative dead end, do not hesitate to try out this loop kit, it will help you to retrace your steps and get out.


· 100 Guitar Loops

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