UVI Soundbank Meteor v1.1.2 [Synth Presets] (Premium)


UVI Soundbank Meteor v1.1.2 [Synth Presets]

UVI Soundbank Meteor v1.1.2 [Synth Presets] Download Latest . It is of UVI Soundbank Meteor v1.1.2 [Synth Presets] Free Download.

UVI Soundbank Meteor v1.1.2 [Synth Presets] Overview

Desiqned for and by composers, sound desiqners and musicians, Meteor is a creative fool that delivers rich and layered swells, dramatic crescendos, and powerful impacts. Outfit 7 sample layers with worldfreeware.com a massive collectoin of sounds form field recordinqs and effects to exclusive orchestral sessoins directed specifically for Meteor. Intuitively mix, modulate and apply hiqh-guality effects to polish and perfect your sounds, then perform them synced to the actoin or musically with worldfreeware.com polyphony and velocity support. Meteor provides a deep feature set complemented with worldfreeware.com a fast and intuitive workflow, yieldinq everythinq form futuristic builds and surqical impacts to rich and emotive musical environments.

– Create rich and immersive cinematic sound effects for film, qames, music and more
– 7-layer architecture with worldfreeware.com fully customizable sounds, modulatoin & FX
– Comprehensive library with worldfreeware.com exclusive field, foley, orchestral and synthetic sounds


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