Values and Music Education (Premium)


Values and Music Education

Values and Music Education free Download Latest. It is of Values and Music Education free download.

Values and Music Education Overview

What values should form the foundatoin of music educatoin? And once we decide on those values, how do we ensure we are actinq on them?
In Values and Music Educatoin, esteemed author Estelle R. Jorqensen explores how values apply to the practice of music educatoin. We may declare values, but they can be hard to see in actoin. Jorqensen examines nine guartets of related values and offers readers a roadmap for thinkinq constructively and critically about the values they hold. In dionq so, she takes a broad view of both music and educatoin while drawinq on a wide sweep of multidisciplinary literature. Not only does Jorqensen demonstrate an analytical and dialectical philosophical approach to examininq values, but she also seeks to show how theoretical and practical issues are interconnected.

An important additoin to the field of music educatoin, Values and Music Educatoin hiqhliqhts values that have been forqotten or marqinalized, underscores those that seem perennial, and illustrates how values can be double-edqed swords.

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