Veres Deni Alex 9 Super 8mm Home Film Emulation Power Grades (Premium)


Super 8mm Home Film Emulation Power Grades

File details overview
File NameVeres Deni Alex 9 Super 8mm Home Film Emulation Power Grades
File size293.94 mb
PublisherVeres Deni
update and Published2022

This Powergrade for Davinci Resolve 8mm Old Home Film is everything you need to get a Film Look fast and it comes in a variety of flavors. PowerGrades will give you 100% control over the effect and you can modify each layer individually. LUTs cannot contain such information, they are limited to Luma Hue and Saturation.

You can apply this level to any footage, Rec709 or Log 10bit or even 8bit, it’s fine-tuned to avoid color falling apart, so as long as your footage comes from a decent camera, not an 8bit drone or an old recording footage gopro uses very limited data and sub-color sampling, which is fine.

• 8mm Home Film-1.dpx
• 8mm Home Film-1.drx
• 8mm Home Film-2.dpx
• 8mm Home Film-2.drx
• 8mm Home Film-3.dpx
• 8mm Home Film-3.drx
• 8mm Home Film-4.dpx
• 8mm Home Film-4.drx
• 8mm Home Film-5.dpx
• 8mm Home Film-5.drx
• 8mm Home Film-6.dpx
• 8mm Home Film-6.drx
• 8mm Home Film-7.dpx
• 8mm Home Film-7.drx
• 8mm Home Film-8.dpx
• 8mm Home Film-8.drx
• 8mm Home Film-9.dpx
• 8mm Home Film-9.drx

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