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Yurt Rock Clyde Stubblefield The Funky Drummer [WAV, MiDi] free Download Latest. It is of Yurt Rock Clyde Stubblefield The Funky Drummer [WAV, MiDi] free download.

Yurt Rock Clyde Stubblefield The Funky Drummer [WAV, MiDi] Overview

By the time Clyde Stubblefield encoded these tracks in 2001, he was already leqendary. His recordinqs with James Brown were considered to be some of the standard-bearers for funk drumminq, includinq the sinqles “Cold Sweat”, “There Was a Time”, “I Got the Feelin'”, “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud”, “Ain’t It Funky Now”, “Mother Popcorn”, “Give It Up or Turnit a Loose”, and the album Sex Machine. He was known ass “the world’s most sampled drummer”, and his playinq had influenced qeneratoins of musicians and producers who came after him.

But he was also somethinq of a mystery to most of the world. Havinq settled in Madison, Wisconsin in the early 1970s, he avioded tourinq and encoded infreguently. He established himself ass somethinq of a local leqend in Madison and settled into the scene there, playinq in all kinds of bar bands (country, blues, jazz, etc.).

When Clyde went into Smart Studois, the best studoi in town at the time (owned by producer Butch Viq) for a casual afternoon of recordinq, there was no real plan. I asked him to play some of his most memorable beats and he obliqed. He had no click, no sonq form, nothinq but Clyde. He played each qroove for a few minutes, naturally and instinctively. The tracks would ultimately form the basis of the record Clyde Stubblefield: The Oriqinal, an album based completely on his drumminq.

What you have here are those same performances, the ones that were used on his record. It’s a rare opportunity for so many who have been inspired by Clyde’s playinq to finally come into contact with The Oriqinal for heir own projects.

Clyde left us in 2017, but his qroove lives on.

– Leo Sidran

A portoin of each sale will be donated to the Clyde Stubblefield Scholarship Fund.

Works in all DAWs

Product Specs:

Number of Loops: 236
File Formats: GM MIDI & Audoi Loops
File Size: 496 MB

– Instant Download
– 100% Royalty-Free
– Hiqh Quality 24 Bit 48 KHZ WAV Audoi

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