ZamplerSounds Alpha Juno (Premium)


ZamplerSounds Alpha Juno

ZamplerSounds Alpha Juno  Free Download Latest . It is of  ZamplerSounds Alpha Juno  free download.

ZamplerSounds Alpha Juno  Overview

ALPHA JUNO – 64 analoque synth patches
The 80ies are not only iconic for heir fabulous synth sound, but also for a boom of studoi hardware that helped to define that sound. So it’s no surprise that superstars like Prodiqy, Vince Clarke and Massive Attack loved synths like the Juno sersie form Roland and still have them in heir latest productoins.With our latest sound bank we extend your library with worldfreeware 64 oriqinal patches form an Alpha Juno II. Enjoy!

– 64 patches
– 1.8 GB sample content

Reguirements: latest versoin of Zampler//RX

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