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Amir Zakeri's Masterclass

Free Download Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass  Free Download with high-speed Google drive and Mega direct link. These awesome Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass made by Amir Zakeri’s. File Size 19GB Over Free download.

Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass Free Download

This film course includes over 15 hours of educational content that encompasses everything you need to know about filmmaking. Whether you are a beginner, or already know how to work a camera, I will show you step by step how to properly film, and edit professional videos. My goal is to help you not only excel in this craft, but bring you a huge return on your investment. To help you make many more times the money you spend on this course.

About Amir Zakeri’s

He was born and raised in Kansas, over 700 miles from the nearest drop of saltwater. Growing up, my goal was to become a chiropractor until I was inspired by a video on YouTube made by DevinSuperTramp that changed my life. I then decided to become a cinematographer and upon graduation from high school, took a trip to Hawai’i. I immediately fell in love with nature and the arts and was inspired to showcase the raw beauty of the islands to the world. I took a leap and moved to Maui to pursue this dream of becoming a filmmaker. All free time I had was spent adventuring, discovering and learning more about the islands, its people and its culture and capturing bits of it on film.

Filmmaking has given me the opportunity to meet people around the world, delve into new cultures, and take an emotion or feeling and express it into a piece of art that I share with the world.

My intent with film is to showcase beautiful destinations worldwide from a unique perspective and inspire people to live a life fulfilled by helping the world around us.

What’s Included?

1. Introduction

  • Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass Trailer


  • Camera Settings Pt. 1
  • Camera Settings Pt. 2
  • Camera Settings Pt. 3
  • Setting Up Shot Pt. 1
  • Setting Up Shot Pt.2
  • Rules of Composition
  • Lenses
  • Utilizing Natural Light
  • Lighting Trick – Outdoors
  • How to Keep a Subject in Focus while Filming
  • How to Shoot Handheld – 10 Tips
  • Gimbal Setup & Settings
  • Cinematic Gimbal Movements
  • DSLR Transitions
  • Audio & Mics
  • Drone Settings
  • Cinematic Drone Movements
  • How To Shoot a Timelapse
  • How to Edit a Timelapse
  • Underwater Action Cam
  • Underwater DSLR
  • 10 Things to Check Before You Press Record


  • How to Make a Creative Action Camera Video
  • How to Make a Creative Action Camera Video No VFX Screen Rec…
  • Clone Yourself
  • How to Shoot a Cinemagraph
  • How to Edit a Cinemagraph
  • Boring Room
  • Get Excited

4. Premiere Pro

  • Premiere Pro Overview
  • Data Management
  • How to Make Premiere Pro Run Faster
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Resolutions
  • Frame Rates
  • Proxies
  • 16 Pro Tips
  • Syncing Audio
  • Keyframes
  • 8 Cuts
  • Creative Titles
  • Creative Titles part 2
  • Creative Video Effects
  • Masking – 4 Creative Ways to Mask
  • Editing to Music
  • Sound Design
  • Finding Music the Right Way – Music Bed
  • Speed Ramp / Time Remapping
  • Color Grading
  • Warp Stabilizer
  • Reduce Noise
  • How to Loop
  • Export Settings
  • Export Settings – Vertical IG Feed
  • Export Settings – Vertical Videos

5. After Effects

  • Introduction to After Effects
  • Tool Effects
  • Plugins / Presets / Folders
  • 2D Tracking
  • 3D Tracking
  • 3D System
  • Animation / Expressions
  • Rotoscoping
  • Keying
  • Rendering
  • Fundamentals Comp
  • Book Pop Up
  • Hologram
  • Live Comp Part 1
  • Live Comp Part 2
  • Moon Break
  • Page Flip
  • Pull of Screen
  • VFX Breakdown

6. Business

  • 3 Tips for Making Money
  • How Much Should I Charge
  • How to Land Clients
  • Contracts
  • Networking
  • My Biggest Mistakes
  • How I Grew My Instagram to 240k Followers

7. Exclusive Interviews

  • Matt Komo
  • Nainoa Langer
  • Nolan Omura
  • Justin Kalani Burbage

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Free Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass Download

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