Arturia 6×3 FX Collection 2020.8 CSE-V.R (Premium)


Arturia 6x3 FX Collection 2020.8 CSE-V.R

The result of decades of dedicated research, analysis, and modelling, these 15 superb effects will totally transform the way you record and mix your music. Combining history’s finest outboard effects, console components, and pedals with fresh, contemporary features and abilities, FX Collection is an essential tool for the modern producer.


3 Compressors:
Comp VCA-65 v1.1.0
Comp FET-76 v1.1.0
Comp TUBE-STA v1.1.0

3 Delays:

Delay ETERNITY v1.1.0
Delay TAPE-201 v1.1.0

3 Filters:

Filter M12 v1.2.0
Filter MINI v1.3.0
Filter SEM v1.2.0

3 Modulators:

Chorus DIMENSION-D v1.0.0
Flanger BL-20 v1.0.0
Phaser BI-TRON v1.0.0

3 Preamps:

Pre 1973 v1.2.0
Pre TridA v1.2.0
Pre V76 v1.2.0

3 Reverbs:

Rev INTENSITY v1.0.0
Rev PLATE-140 v1.1.0
Rev SPRING-636 v1.0.0]

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