Austin DeSanto – Aggressive Dumps & High Pace Offense 2023 (Premium)


Austin DeSanto – Aggressive Dumps & High Pace Offense

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File NameAustin DeSanto – Aggressive Dumps & High Pace Offense 2023
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4-Time All-American Iowa Hawkeye Austin DeSantos Reveals His Aggressive Strategies for High-Paced Championship-Level Offense

Develop an aggressive approach to your offense and pour on the pressure with championship level strategies and high paced techniques from one of Iowa’s finest wrestlers
A 4-Time All-American at Iowa University, DeSantos has been racking up hardware at the highest levels of college wrestling, at one point reaching a nationally ranked #1 spot during course of his wildly successful career
Learn DeSantos’s favorite techniques from the feet with signature dumps, snaps, high crotch variations, single legs, and more, all backed with the energy and aggression only DeSantos can deliver
Explore DeSantos’s inside and outside dumps, that will connect seamlessly with the high crotch and single leg variations to supercharge your offensive toolbox
Discover signature two on one tactics, front headlock gold, and snaps, that will give you an edge in the standing grappling exchange
These are the techniques that led DeSantos to capturing All-American honors 4 times in a row in his time at one of the country’s most notorious wrestling programs

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