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Best Ads Network 2018 For publishers website

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best ads networks 2018

best ads networks 2018

When choosing Best Ads Networks 2018 to monetize new websites, every publishers need to fulfill many requirements before getting approval from Ad-networks. Many websites & blogs will fail to get Approval for many reasons.

But, Some of the Best Ads Networks 2018  immediately accept the websites. Members can implement the ad code on their sites to start showing the Ads immediately. While, some Ad networks require 24-48Hrs to review the New Application. So here is a list of CPC, CPM, CPA, POPUP Ad-networks to get fast approval for small publishers.

Adcash  Network

Adcash uses a dynamic CPM optimization to keep ad inventory relevant to your likely traffic, but also offer the option of manually controlling the ads served on your site. This choice is a departure for some in the realm monetizing content through ads and can help give the publisher more control for better chances of conversion traffic.

best ads networks 2018

best ads networks 2018

Advertisers & Offers
Advertising Types: Display
Offer Types: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPV
Verticals: All (Primarily Entertainment, Gaming)
Network Size: “Over 100,000 websites and mobile applications” according to Wikipedia, 150,000 according to Adcash website.
The sampling of Publishers: Unknown.



Propeller ads Network Best Ads Networks 2018

Propeller ads is a very good advertising network. They offer many ad formats for publishers to monetize their content. But they actually need a minimum of 10K of daily traffic requirement to display banner ads. But they don’t need any kind of traffic requirement for Pop-under ads, Native Direct Ads, Dialog Ads/Push Up Interstitial ads.

best ads networks 2018

best ads networks 2018

Just complete the registration procedure. After registration Add new website & verify the website. after successful verification, select the type of Ad you want to display & then simply copy-paste the ad code to your website. The ads will start to show immediately after you implemented the Ad-code properly.

Approval Process – Immediate
AdsType – Pop-under, Native Direct, Dialog /Push Up Interstitial ads.
Min. Payment – $100
Payout Threshold – NET-10
Payment Mode – PayPal, Payoneer, wire

AdNow Network

AdNow provides widget-based native ads that publishers can use to monetize their sites. It is an advertising network with over 150,000 publishers at the moment. It is the network to work with when you want high RPM rates especially for those wishing to monetize their sites through native ads.

best ads networks 2018

best ads networks 2018

Minimum traffic: None but you must have content.

Language requirements: English and other languages accepted

Advertisers and offers
Network type: CPM, CPC

Ad formats: Related post widgets, Content Recommendation

AdHitz Network

AdHitz is a CPC (Cost Per Click) Ad network. There is no such traffic requirement to join AdHitz Ad network. All the sites are accepted. Just complete the registration procedure. After registration Add Website & generate the Ad code. After that, Just

best ads networks 2018

best ads networks 2018

paste the ad code on your website & start making money for every valid click received on the ads. (Adult sites are not accepted). CPC rates of AdHitz is average for worldwide traffic.

Approval Process – Immediate
CPC – Average
Min. Payment – $25
Payout Threshold – Monthly
Payment Mode – PayPal, Payza


Media.net is a direct competitor of Google AdSense and contains ads from both Bing and Yahoo search engines in their

best ads networks 2018

best ads networks 2018

network. Ofen times this network is seen as the highest paying alternative to AdSense. The approval process is relatively straightforward, and you normally get a response within a few days after signing up.

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