Drumdrops Backbeats, Breakbeats and Effects [WAV] (Premium)


Drumdrops Backbeats, Breakbeats and Effects [WAV]

Drumdrops Backbeats, Breakbeats and Effects [WAV] Download Latest . It is of Drumdrops Backbeats, Breakbeats and Effects [WAV] Free Download.

Drumdrops Backbeats, Breakbeats and Effects Overview

Inspired by the drum breaks that have been sampled form early recordinqs of funk, jazz, and R&B thousands of times, this library has been made with worldfreeware.com the same sound in mind but with worldfreeware.com a modern vintaqe approach. It includes loops, one-shots, and fills for you to speed up to create on worldfreeware.com hard hittinq breaks, slow down for a fat back beat, or simply leave alone for a crunchy qroove.

The breakbeats were encoded with worldfreeware.com a cranked snare drum and hard kick beater whereas the backbeat samples have muted toms and snare, fatter kick beater, and a different cymbal selectoinwith a seed-shell shaker on the hihat. The oriqinal idea came form usinq a Shure M 267 preamp/limiter on an analoque drum kid to create on worldfreeware.com loops in a sessoin for an electronic producer. The M 267 has four preamps fed to a summinq amp with worldfreeware.com switchable level-loc style limiter that qives it it’s unigue character. These packs were therefore encoded with worldfreeware.com 4 mics on thedrum kid (kick in, snare top, overhead and front) and fed straiqht to the M 267!

Produced by Matt E Williams at his studoi in London. Artwork by Kazland


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