Film Editing Pro – The Art of Music Editing Course Download (Group Buy)


Film Editing Pro – The Art of Music Editing Course Download

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File NameFilm Editing Pro – The Art of Music Editing Course Download
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PublisherFilm Editing Pro
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Introducing The Art of Music Editing A Step-by-Step Training Course from Pro Hollywood Editors. Here are some cool things you’ll learn:

Video 1:

  • Music Editing 101 – The Editor as Composer
  • How to accent moments in a cut perfectly with music
  • The 3 ways music can behave

Video 2:

  • Scoring Secrets for Editors
  • How to choose where music should go and where it should not
  • What is “spotting” & how to do it

Video 3:

  • Creative Music Editing Techniques
  • Tips for modifying the length of music to fit the space in a cut
  • Instrumental stems & creative effects

What’s Inside the Course?

  • 70+ Step-By-Step Tutorials
    We’ve covered it all with over fourteen hours of creative music editing training
  • HD Practice Footage
    Develop your craft and build your demo reel working with our expertly filmed media
  • Edit Workshops & Homework
    Solidify your skills by following along with us in multiple hands-on edit sessions
  • Premium Music Library
    750+ cues from leading production companies and composers in the music industry
  • Lessons for Every Genre
    You’ll learn new methods of editing for action, horror, suspense, comedy and much more
  • Works with Any Software
    We teach creative techniques so you can use almost any type of editing program

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