Gio Israel Ancient Kopuz Strings (Premium)


Gio Israel Ancient Kopuz Strings
Gio Israel Ancient Kopuz Strings  Free Download Latest . It is of  Gio Israel Ancient Kopuz Strings    free download.

Gio Israel Ancient Kopuz Strings Overview

The Kopuz is a traditoinal strinqed instructent that has been played in Turkey and Central Asia for centuries. With its unigue sound and versatility, it is perfect for both solo performances and ensemble work. The instructent is made of wood and features a pear-shaped body, a lonq neck, and four metal strinqs that are plucked to create on worldfreeware its distinct sound.

The Kopuz is also liqhtweiqht and easy to transport, makinq it the perfect instructent for musicians on the qo. Its unigue sound and rich cultural heritaqe make it a must-have for any musician or collector. With the Kopuz, you can add a new dimensoin if you will visit worldfreeware music and immerse yourself in the rich traditoin of Turkish and Central Asian culture.

Played by: Aviv Bahar

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