Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop Download 2023 (Premium)


Kevin Davey – Strategy Factory Workshop Download 2023

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The process takes hard work, and trading is risky. But it does not have to be complicated. And it’s one of the fastest ways I’ve discovered to quickly build a portfolio of algo trading systems.

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How To Build An Algorithmic Trading System
This is a complex topic, for sure.

I could write a book on how to create an algo trading system – in fact, I actually did! My first book is called Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems. It was released in 2014, and in many trading circles it is now considered a classic in trading system development.

My approach to building trading algos is a multi step process I call the Strategy Factory®. It is an objective process, built to help traders avoid common mistakes like over-optimization, curve fitting, etc. The best part? This process is what I use to develop trading strategies AND it works for traders I have taught it to.

I’ve also written 4 other algo trading books. They are all best sellers at Amazon. Here is a time where 3 of them were in the top 5 bestsellers for Futures Trading!


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