MaxToMaya v2.9 Free Download


MaxToMaya v2.9

MaxToMaya v2.9  Free Download Latest . It is of  MaxToMaya v2.9  free download.

MaxToMaya v2.9 Overview

MaxToMaya is a plugin to transfer 3DsMax current scene to Maya with 2 clicks, solving common problems between import/export problems automatically, to get the best results in the fastest way and with the less effort possible.
♦ Transfer scene from 3DsMAX to Maya with 2 clicks!
♦ Vray 5 Support! Transfer 3DsMax scene even if they have vray materials or lights (if vray for 3DsMax installed)
♦ Doesn’t needs to have the same version of Max and Maya to make it work (Max 2015 can transfer to Maya 2020, etc!)
♦ Open models made for 3DsMax and send them to Maya
♦ Fast make Maya library from 3DsMax models
♦ Transfer 3DsMax skinned characters and use the powerful Maya character animation tools! keeping skin/morphs/etc
♦ Expand your workflow.
♦ And much more!

What’s New :
♦ Maya 2020 Support!
♦ 3DsMax 2021 Support!
♦ Vray 5 Support!
♦ Added: Import as Arnold!
♦ Added: Import as Mental Ray!
♦ Added: Import as Redshift!
♦ Bug fixes!

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