Pepper Yandell – Automotive Lightpainting (Premium)


Pepper Yandell – Automotive Lightpainting

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In LiveClass LINK01 // Automotive Lightpainting Andrew Link details the theory and process behind several methods of “lightpainting” as it’s used in automotive photography. From how to approach lighting the car, the equipment used, and how to assemble the images in Photoshop.

Students will be able to approach their next shoot with the confidence of knowing they have a new tool in their bag of tricks. This 3 hour long class will cover full edits of 3 different lightpainted images using multiple lightpainting techniques:

What images are needed during the shoot.
How to choose your light placement.
Layer assembly in Photoshop.
Equipment used and why.
How to blend lightpainted images to ambient exposures to avoid the “halo” look.

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