Rod Khleif – World’s Greatest Wholesaling Course (Premium)


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File NameRod Khleif – World’s Greatest Wholesaling Course
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PublisherRod Khleif
update and Published2023

This program will give you the step by step blueprint to entering this lucrative little known market within Multifamily Real Estate. We have numerous students that have made $100k or on one deal wholesaling multifamily

Topics Covered:

Wholesale Basics
Setting Up Your Business
Finding Buyers & Building Your Buyers List
Finding Sellers & Finding Deals
Determining Your Offer Price & Estimating Repairs
Valuing a Commercial Multifamily Property
The Purchase & Sale Agreement, Assignment of Contract, & Double
Setting Up Systems to Create a Business, Not Another Job
Why You Should Focus On Small Multifamily & Common Misconceptions About Multifamily
Wholesaling Success Tips & Tricks to Ramp Quickly
The Top 29 Mistakes New Wholesalers Make & How to Avoid Them
100% Money B

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