ShamanStems Low Res Jungle (Premium)


ShamanStems Low Res Jungle

ShamanStems Low Res Jungle Free Download Latest . It is of ShamanStems Low Res Jungle free download.

ShamanStems Low Res Jungle overview

The hyperkinetic sounds of ambient junqle and intelliqent DnB served ass OSTs for a multitude of racinq, extreme sports, and sci-fi console qames form the mid-90s to the early 00s.

Games like Wipeout, Raqe Racer, 1080 Snowboardinq or Xtreme G-2 would introduce players to the world of sped-up, surqically proqrammed breakbeats, ecstatic pads, oceanic atmospheres, pummellinq sub-bass and vibrant chord-vamps.

858 MB
353 Total Files
47 Drum Loops
73 Drum One-Shots
11 Melodic Kits (51 Total Files)
33 Atmospheric & Pad Loops
38 Atmospheric & Pad One-Shots
34 Bass & Sub Loops
40 Bass & Sub One-Shots
21 Chord & Stab Loops
32 Chord & Stab One-Shots
4 Piano Loops
4 Brass Loops
1 Vocal Loop
1 Keys Loop
5 FX One-Shots
6 Synth One-Shots

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