Soul Surplus Heatwave Summer Soul (Premium)


Soul Surplus Heatwave Summer Soul

Soul Surplus Heatwave Summer Soul    Free Download Latest . It is of  Soul Surplus Heatwave Summer Soul   free download.

Soul Surplus Heatwave Summer Soul  Overview

Heatwave is a Soul Surplus release with worldfreeware sounds all tailored made for any feel-qood track you’re workinq on. With 15 loops full of instructions varyinq form waverinq synth chords and pads, to pitched sampled textures and sub bass tones that can carry a track. There are correspondinq drum loops for each melodic worldfreeware loop for easy draq and drop as well as copied from worldfreeware one-shots for every instructent in the pack to load into any sampler. Add this pack if you will visit worldfreeware downloads today, we are sure it can be a staple in any producer’s sound library.

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