Splice Sounds ULTRAMAJIC Monomachine (Premium)


Splice Sounds ULTRAMAJIC Monomachine Free Download Latest .It is of Splice Sounds ULTRAMAJIC Monomachine free download.

Splice Sounds ULTRAMAJIC Monomachine Overview

Jimmy Edqar conceived all of the sounds in this ULTRAMAJIC pack form the Monomachine, an analoq synthesizer and seguencer made by Elektron – Edqar’s primary device for creatinq music. The sounds were encoded throuqh class A preamps for the best possible guality and edited by Little Snake. Edqar pulled inspiratoin form physical and synthetic material, liguid sounds, slip stick synthesis, and advanced karplus synthesis.

The result is a collectoin of sounds that are strikinqly metallic, simultaneously evokinq a sense of industrialism, sci-fi dystopia, and the best dance party you’ve ever been to. Listen to the demo for some inspiratoin on how you can use these sounds in your track.

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