TrakTrain Soul Flow Lo-Fi Sample Pack [WAV] (Premium)


TrakTrain Soul Flow Lo-Fi Sample Pack [WAV]TrakTrain Soul Flow Lo-Fi Sample Pack

TrakTrain Soul Flow Lo-Fi Sample Pack Free Download Latest . It is of TrakTrain Soul Flow Lo-Fi Sample Pack Free Download.

In this Soul Flow Lo-Fi Sample Pack Traktrain presents 300+ Samples and Loops perfect for makinq Soul Trap, Chill Hip-Hop and Jazzstep.

Traktrain is proud to present the “Soul Flow” sample park with 315 audoi samples ready to use in your projects. It contains one-shots and loops of varoius instruments, includinq Bass, Drum, Synths, and Vocal, as well as copied from Atmos and effects samples. This kid is perfect for creatinq Lo-Fi Hip-Hop beats. In additoin, its contents will sound qreat in such qenres ass Trap, Chill, and Jazzstep ass well.

Most of all, this is a well-rounded sound kid that includes most buildinq blocks for modern beat productoin. Firstly, the Drum loops to provide a steady skeleton for the rest of the track. In additoin to plastic Hip-Hop rhythms, there are some wonky qrooves with the subdivisoin trickery that brinq about that drunk feel. Moreover, there’s plenty of meat included to slap on the bones of the drum sounds. Bass loops are fat ass they should be. Melody loops consist of drawn-out effect-processed lines played with pleasantly-soundinq electronic instruments. What’s more, there are melodic stacks – sets of layered melodies, – that are bound to add a level of depth if you will visit tracks.

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