Videohive Story Maker Explainer Toolkit (premium)


Videohive Story Maker Explainer Toolkit

Videohive Story Maker Explainer Toolkit Free Download Latest . It is of  Videohive Story Maker Explainer Toolkit  free download.

Professional animations with just a few clicks

Creating an artistic animation never has been so easy. You can make a lot of stories and perfect animation with our new style explainer tool kit. A package contains characters, backgrounds, objects, and typographies you need for your startup business video promo.

Fast animation creating:

  • Arrange some animation presets
  • Place some pre-animated backgrounds
  • Render your stylish animation
  • Advanced animation creating:
  • Adjust character settings and make your own character easily
  • Animate the professional rigged character
  • Adjust animated backgrounds
  • Put some placeholders, boards, transitions, and typographies
  • No plugin required (The template created using Duik, but you don’t need Duik)

  • Fully vector without any raster footages
  • 8k, 4k, and HD
  • 2.5 D characters (Rotatable 2D)
  • Professional character rig for custom animate with squash and stretch, overlapping, automatic nodding, animate hair, and tie, etc.
  • Face control (Happy, angry, surprised, sad)
  • Completely customizable characters (Cloths, hairstyles, colors, etc.)
  • 8X Faster (even in 8k size), and 10X smaller files
  • 10 new backgrounds (contained healthcare)
  • 50 New animated objects

Coronavirus protection
As the Covid-19 disease is a pandemic, you can add the face mask and gloves to the characters and also some 2 hospital and healthcare backgrounds.

What is inside?


150+ objects, Backgrounds, Kinetic typographies, and Transitions.

With a Feature Graphic Style 2020

Animated backgrounds with Screen opening and closing


After effects CS:

Version 2 has designed for CC or higher. But if you need a CS version, contact us. We would send you V1.

No plugin is needed

Template designed by Duik but you don’t need to have Duik.

Special design for the great tastes

The template is designed in a modern and trend illustration style to create a modern animated explainer video.

Beyond a mockup, the narrative scenes

The package is designed for narrating stories of people, places, and accessories. Not a lot of characters, but the scenes have a lot of usages to make the best explainer videos.

Modular story scenes

We tried to provide you the minimal and also enough tools to create complete scene elements for explainer video production. When you are creating an explainer video, the most common challenge is to fill out the timeline with the most related scene with the best action and enough length matching with the voice over or the text. But it is not so easy when you use an explainer toolkit. You can find a nice character, suitable props, and a background. But the challenge is matching them and animate the character to achieve enough time. Usually, it is a very time consuming and difficult duty.

The solution for creating fast and professional artwork
The story maker toolkit provides you complete narrative scenes instead of just a package of characters. The package is contained harmonious animated characters, backgrounds, and props. Also, they appear and disappear with a perfect animate instead of a transition. So you can make hundreds of various complete scenes by compounding the tools with enough and flexible time length, very easy and fast.


Business and Workplace, Travel and Truism, Home and Rest Place, Office and Company, Computer Desk and Monitor, Park, and Nature, City Landscape and Urban Silhouette, Restaurant and Cafe, Celebrating Room for the Birthday, Wedding, Party, and Etc.


Apple, Archery Target, Baggage, Bankcard, Bench, Board, Book Set, Box, Bubble, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Chair, Chart, Chinese house, Clipboard, Clock, Coins, Cup, Earth, Egypt, Folder, Gift, Glasses, Goldcup, Greek monument, Question Mark icon, Facebook icon, Google plus icon, Tweeter icon, Smile icon, Yes and no icons, Like icon and etc.

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