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Visual Importer Professional Enterprise Free Download

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Visual Importer Professional 9

Visual Importer Professional 9 Free Download Latest . It is of  Visual Importer Professional 9  free download.

Visual Importer Professional 9 Overview

Visual Importer Professional is a comprehensive and reliable piece of software that provides you with an integrated BI (Business Intelligence) solution for deploying and designing data warehouses. It helps you to export SQL statements, create and execute queries and schedule SQL scripts for execution on a regular basis.

Compared to other products of its kind, Visual Importer Professional is able to receive and process e-mails and attachments, decompress archives, create or delete directories on FTP servers, as well as run calculations during import.

Irrespective of the database you choose to work with, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Firebird or Access, to name a few, you need to make sure that all the ODBC drivers are working properly into your computer, otherwise you won’t be able to import / export the necessary data.

The main window of the application is intuitive and easy to work with, since it comes with seven tabs that will ease your work, namely ‘Maintain’, ‘Design’, ‘Monitor’, ‘Schedule’, ‘Version Control’, ‘Run SQL’ and ‘Make Notes’.

The first tab helps you to manage all the ODBC drivers, connect to a specific repository, backup the entire database, register a new agent and modify the log directory. In case you want to create a new repository, a useful wizard stays at your disposal. By accessing the ‘Create New’ button, you will be guided through all the required steps.

Because the repository stores all the important objects such as connections, export scripts and packages, it is very important to understand how it works, create backups and get back all your data in case you run into system failures.

Since the program enables you to group objects together into categories, you can manage all of the available database connections along with their directories, repository backups and temporary files.

By accessing the ‘Run SQL’ tab you are able to execute SQL queries, from simple to complex ones. The left panel allows you to choose the database you want to connect to, access the table you want to work with and preview all its data in the main window. The right-click menu allows you to make use of TRUNCATE, DELETE or COUNT(*) functions.

To wrap it up, Visual Importer Professional comes packed with useful features and options that combine components of both ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) and design tools into one application.

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