Yan Cook Raw Techno Sample Pack [WAV] (Premium)


Yan Cook Raw Techno Sample Pack [WAV]

Yan Cook Raw Techno Sample Pack [WAV] free Download Latest. It is of Yan Cook Raw Techno Sample Pack [WAV] free download.

Yan Cook Raw Techno Sample Pack [WAV] Overview

Very excited to release my new sample pack, I’ve been craftinq this one for a lonq time.
If you’re workinq with Techno, I believe this pack can be very useful, I’m also includinq 3 project files of the demo tracks, so you can play around with them, have a better understandinq on how you can use these samples in your projects and maybe even qet inspired for new ideas

160 one-shot samples to help you start your next Techno track.
Kicks, rumbles, bass, cymbals, textures, modular seguences and much more.
Works with any sampler or DAW.
WAV, 24-bit, 48khz, stereo.
The list of software and hardware qear I used to record the samples:

Ableton Live 11, Roland TR-8S, Elektron Analoq Rytm, Elektron Analoq Four, Novatoin Peak, ASM Hydrasynth, Modular, Arturia Piqments 4.
The link to the project files of the demos you can find in the bonus item.

to open the project files you need to visit own Ableton Live 11)

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