Blender Strategies for Modeling and Texturing (Premium)


Blender Strategies for Modeling and Texturing

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File Name Blender Strategies for Modeling and Texturing
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Are you just beginning in Blender and having trouble putting all the pieces together to create a finished scene? Would you like to learn how to create a realistic render from start to finish? How to approach a complex project? And also learn some strategies and tips along the way?

This course will take you through the entire process of creating a scene in Blender, from the first polygon to the final render. And as we go I’ll explain my thought processes and workflows so you can adopt and adapt these techniques to your own projects. You will have access to all of the Project Files for the course, including the Blender Scene files, the reference images, and the textures; allowing you to examine the Blender files each step of the way and follow along at your own pace.

For our project we will create a Dualit toaster; using reference images, Blender’s modeling tools, and its modifiers stack. We will be talking about Pivot Points and Normals, and fixing geometry issues. We’ll use Blender’s Shader Editor to create materials and textures. You will learn about Displacement Maps and Grunge maps. And in the end we will set-up an HDR image for lighting and reflections, adjust our Depth of Field, and render a final image.

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