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CM - NightOwl - Calculator Generator

CM  NightOwl  Calculator Generator Download Latest . It is of CM  NightOwl  Calculator Generator Free Download.

CM  NightOwl  Calculator Generator Overview

NightOwl is a unique jQuery plugin that allows you to quickly build custom calculators and input fields generated by custom equations. This makes it ideal for developers and designers looking to quickly create order form fields and calculators tailored for specific customers.
In Scientific Mode NightOwl Calculators offer a fully functional Scientific Calculator with features such as Square Root, Logarithm Functions, Exponents, Memory Store & Recall, Factorials and Pi. Trigonometry Functions have Selectable Radians, Degrees or Gradients.
Users can toggle to Basic Calculator Mode, however NightOwl provides customization settings to start in either Basic or Scientific Mode. Additionally, you can disable the ability to toggle Modes altogether.
NightOwl includes 3 Skins – Realistic, Flat and Dark. You can change Skins with a single setting, or modify the well-commented CSS to easily create your own Calculator Skins.
Memory Functions.
In Scientific Mode, NightOwl Calculators include Memory Functions. Clicking MS after solving a problem stores the answer to memory. To retrieve that answer later, click MR.
For more involved sites and projects, NightOwl Calculators can be configured to be Draggable if needed. Each Calculator can also optionally be set to Fixed Scrolling Mode to keep up with your visitors.
Equation Parsing.
NightOwl also provides Calculators designed for specific situations. These Mini-Calculators are built with a single setting – an equation. NightOwl parses the equation and automatically builds the Calculator for you – handling all the Math behind the scenes. Mini-Calculators are optionally draggable, support NightOwl’s positioning options and include flexible unit handling.
Mini-Calculators are formula-based calculators baked right in to NightOwl. They are designed to handle specific situations, like calculating profit on investments or converting units.
All Mini-calculators can be quickly set to Fixed Position mode, to stay within the Viewport as the viewer scrolls through your page. When assigned to a field, 12 preset positions are available.
Expandable Presets.
Common Mini-Calculators can selected by supplying the name of the Mini-Calculator to the equation setting. You can also create your own Mini-Calculator presets for later use.



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