Fantasy Retouching Fundamentals – Retouching Academy (premium)


Fantasy Retouching Fundamentals – Retouching Academy

Retouching Academy – Fantasy Retouching Fundamentals | File Size 4.0 GB| Free download

In this 3-part Fantasy Retouching Fundamentals course with epic Photographer & Visual Engineer Benjamin Von Wong, Ben spends over 4 hours walking you through his entire workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop.

In the last, and probably the most exciting part, you can watch Ben deconstruct and edit live a few different artworks. Follow him along in the layered PSD files of some of the images provided in the download package.

These tutorials are designed with the intermediate semi-professional in mind. Ben goes over the most basic tools down to the more advanced on how he crafts his signature look in his hyper-creative, mind-blowing imagery.

Course content:

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