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Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol v2.4.0 MacOSX (Premium)

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Native Instruments Komplete Kontro

KOMPLETE KONTROL opens the full potential of KOMPLETE series products. Feel the most advanced software tools come to life right under your hands – a more expressive, intuitive and inspiring than ever. View and download sounds with a single click – KOMPLETE KONTROL governs the entire universe in a single plug-in KOMPLETE through browser-based tags.”


Release Notes:

  • 2.4.0 Ϡ2020-08-20
  • ADDED Asynchronous Content Scan
  • Scanning of content (Kontakt & Reaktor libraries, Expansions, Presets & Samples) now
  • occurs in the background, background, allowing KOMPLETE KONTROL to be used
  • immediately when launched (note: VSTs still require a restart and present a dialogue
    when scanning)
  • FIXED intermittent integration issues with Logic Pro 10.5 (note: requires macOS
  • FIXED S-Series MK2 & A-Series MIDI Templates are intermittently lost on macOS
  • Important: please backup your templates before updating, or refer to the Knowledge
    Base article
  • FIXED crash when launching dialogue box whilst plug-in is hidden in DAWs
  • IMPROVED A-Series & M32 connectivity & detection on AMD-Ryzen based systems
  • A-Series Firmware 0.4.0 & M32 Firmware 0.4.5 required

Install Notes:
Just install and enjoy!

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