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Rebeca Saray Shop ONLINE COURSE PORTRAIT PORTRAIT  Free Download Latest . It is of  Rebeca Saray Shop ONLINE COURSE PORTRAIT PORTRAIT free download.

Special “Freckle Retouch”

Duration: 5 hours

This is the high-quality recording of the Portrait course that we have already taken, you can see the full challenge of these two photographs

In this portrait retouching course we will see the retouching of two photographs, one from the studio and the other from outside, from raw to the final finish and we will also focus on seeing how to retouch our photographs taking into account how to highlight freckles and how to retouch the skin of one person with many freckles, we will also see how to integrate freckles on the face in the event that they do not have and see how to give it the most realistic touch and integrate well looking for drama, applying various effects.

As it is a course that we carry out online, you will listen to the questions of the students that will surely help you to resolve any doubts you may have when viewing it.

This master class is the way to show you my vision by seeing my entire work process in retouching, seeing the importance of personal identity and the search for my own style.

We will use camera raw and photoshop in the processing to achieve the best final results and also as an addition we will see how to use portraiture, although we also see the entire process of retouching skin adapted to portraiture and this type of photography without using it.

With the course you will take with you the presets that have been created during the course, the texture we use, some actions to help your workflow, a solar curve and some brushes to create freckles. And several help pdfs for your own work with recommendations and advice.

I never keep anything, in each course I give myself 100% with all my knowledge.

This workshop will help you:

* To teach you how to get a good final finish of the file to create something unique

* To learn to perform different styles and themes

* To edit your photographs from the Raw to the final finish, seeing each of the steps of the process to achieve totally professional results


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