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Scott H Young – Top Performer 2023

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It’s an incredible experience to meet people who are at the top of their game. These people love what they do. Their work is interesting and creative. They pick their own projects. And, they often outearn their peers 2-10x.

Look at Ben. He isn’t one of those standard struggling programmers. Ben is a top performer. Ben chooses his clients. He’s not hustling for his next job. Ben charges hundreds of dollars per hour, and people don’t haggle with him over his prices.

Ben can work from a far-away tropical beach, but he chooses not to. He told us that if he ever wanted to, he could work for three months of the year and take the remaining nine months off.

How can you cut through busyness to get important work done? We’ll show you the strategies behind the world’s most productive people, so you can get results without burning out.

In this phase you’ll learn:

How to control how much busyness you have in your life, rather than letting it be dictated to you
How to work more deeply, making use of your limited time to get greater improvement
Strategies for managing your energy so you can prevent subtle drains on your productivity
Techniques to improve your ability to concentrate and focus on tasks
You’ll also get access to over a dozen bonus lessons, including:

The Artifact Method: Avoid falling into pseudo work with this proven technique for increasing your deep work
The Power of Single-Projecting: How to increase your ability to get meaningful work done—while reducing your busyness
Fixed-Schedule Productivity: The productivity system Cal used to publish five books while completing a PhD at MIT and raising two kids
And much more…

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