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 Sculpt 3D Printable Skeleton Warriors

Sculpt 3D Printable Skeleton Warriors free Download Latest. It is of Sculpt 3D Printable Skeleton Warriors free download.

Sculpt 3D Printable Skeleton Warriors Overview

Sculpt 3D Printable Skeleton Warriors


Created with the absolute first timer in mind, this course will teach you to become proficient in many of Zbrush’s more complex features – many of which are unknown to more advanced users. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to create professional-quality 3D models fit for 3D printing and sales.

This course builds on our previous course: “Sculpt a 3D printable Skeleton model in Zbrush”, but it is not necessary to have taken that class before this one. This course is completely approachable to a first time beginner using Zbrush.

Join our lead 3D Modeler Josh O’hala as he recreates the exact same Skeleton Warrior models that we sell to customers. You will be guided through our professional production pipeline:

  • You will learn how to become comfortable navigating Zbrush.
  • You will learn how to add simple geometry to your project which will be used later.
  • Learn to create many weapons and Armors
  • Learn to create various accessories to bring your Warriors to life
  • You will learn how to use many commonly used brushes as well as specialized brushes to create beautiful and accurate sculpts.
  • The lessons learned will be reinforced as Josh guides you through creating the entire skeleton model.
  • You will learn how to pose your skeleton to create many variations of models.
  • You will learn how to optimize your model for 3D printing.
  • You will learn the process of making your model 3D printable.
  • and much more! visit us on youtube (runeforge studios) for examples of our models and tutorials.

Course content

  • Introduction
    • Introduction
    • What you’ll need
    • Before we get started
  • Getting Started and Making a Sword
    • Opening Zbrush
    • General Navigation
    • Using ZModeler / Starting a sword
    • Z – Modeler Blade part 2
    • Continuing the Sword – Hilt
    • Finishing the Base Sword
  • Axe
    • Starting the axe
    • Finishing the Axe
  • Spear
    • Creating the Spear
  • Weathering / Aging weapons
    • Weathering weapons – part 1
    • Weathering weapons – Part 2
    • Finishing the weathered weapons
  • Armor
    • Pauldrons
    • Helmet
    • Bracers
    • Breastplate
    • Breastplate – part 2
  • Shield
    • Shield
    • Shield – Part 2
  • Enhancing the Armor and Shield
    • Adding straps to the Breastplate
    • Aging the Armor
    • Breaking the Shield
  • Belts, Boots and Coifs
    • Creating a belt
    • Creating Boots
    • Coif
  • Preparing Melee Warriors for Posing
    • Posing hands
    • “Equipping Weapons and Shields”
  • Creating Skeletal Archer Assets
    • Chainmail part 1
    • Chainmail – part 2
    • Bow
    • Arrows
    • Finishing Archer Gear
  • Posing
    • Posing – Part 1
    • Posing – Part 2
    • Posing – Part 3
    • The First Pose
    • The Second Pose
    • The Second Pose – part 2
    • Third Pose
    • Fourth Pose
    • Dynameshing the Poses
  • Preparing for 3D Printing
    • Solidifying areas
    • Preparing for 3D Printing
    • Repairing your Models for 3D Printing
  • Course Wrapup
    • Wrapup

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